Terms & Conditions

  1. Property particulars displayed on the marketing materials and the Site are for illustration purposes only and constitute general guidance only. Property particulars are not a warranty, contract or part of a contract. You should take appropriate steps to verify any information upon which you wish to rely. To find out more information about a property, please contact us by either phoning the number listed on the Site, or by completing the "Enquiry" form on the Site.
  2. Photographs, plans, illustrations and computer generated images displayed on the Site or any other marketing materials are for illustration purposes only. Any areas, measurements and distances given are approximate only.
  3. Any reference to alterations to, or use of, any part of the property does not mean that any necessary planning, building regulations or other consent has been obtained and you should take appropriate steps to verify any such information.
  4. The VAT position relating to the property may change without notice.